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Manifesting Tips from My 5-Year Old

The set up for this story might be a bit tedious but bear with me- Last night I ordered Chipotle for dinner because my favorite Thai place was inexplicably closed. (A poor substitute, I know- but still better than cooking while exhausted)

Our nanny was out and about with my son and I had asked her to get the Thai takeout when she reported they were closed. I told her I’d just order Chipotle, the implication (I assumed) being for delivery. Well that wasn’t clear so they went and picked up the order at Chipotle. (I told you it was a tedious build up, but stick with me- we’re getting close to the payoff)

She got home with the food and after a bit of laughter about the delivery/takeout confusion we sat down to eat. My five year old daughter always gets two quesadillas and was just finishing up her second when she announced that she wished she had three quesadillas. Literally not one minute later there was a knock at the door- a delivery person from Chipotle with a duplicate order. Louie now had four quesadillas.

It was the most instantaneous and elegant manifestation process I’ve ever seen. I’m actually still somewhat amazed by the whole thing; so much so that I’m writing about it here.

We all know about The Secret which emphasizes the importance of intention and positivity when manifesting our desires. And that’s all fine and good but I feel like it overlooks two other key manifestation components - deservedness and alignment. Deservedness is our sense of self worth and ability to receive the blessings Source wants to send our way. This is a major piece that I’ve been working on lately and I feel like trauma actually plays a big part here- I have a lot of thoughts on this and will write an entire post on it at some point, but suffice to say that I’ve noticed that people who carry trauma tend to also suffer the most from a sense of unworthiness. Which is why it’s such a blessing to see my daughter free of that particular struggle. Louie hasn’t a single doubt as to her inherent value and worth. Why shouldn’t she get more quesadillas?

The other key component of successful manifestation is alignment. We all have our lessons that we signed up for when we incarnated into this particular life. If it’s not in my lesson plan to have an alpaca ranch in Montana then I’m not going to manifest that, no matter how much I believe, how positive my thoughts are, or the depth of my self love. What makes the quesadilla example so elegant is that the duplicate order was already on its way when Louis expressed her desire. She simply aligned to what was already coming her way and voila!

The Universe wants to make love to us and shower us with blessings and abundance. But receiving those gifts demands a certain willingness to surrender our ego’s wish list to Source’s divine will. It’s a huge trust exercise and one I continually practice, but in my experience the things Source wants for me are SO much greater than whatever I thought I wanted initially. And when I can align my will with Divine will then that’s when the magic starts to happen. Like getting extra quesadillas on demand.

May we all love ourselves enough to feel worthy of receiving the miraculous blessings the Universe wants to send our way, and may our will and desires be in alignment with those gifts.


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