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An Akashic Advice Column: All about Angels

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

A stained glass window from Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume

Welcome to the first installment of my Akashic Advice column. I've always loved reading advice columns, and I love doing Akashic Records readings so I'm thrilled to be putting two of my favorite things together this way. Thank you so much to the friends who've helped me test this out and whose positive feedback gave me the courage to actually do the thing. XOXO

Dear Akashic Advisors,

I feel connected to the energies from my physical body interacting with non-physical energies, I feel it on an emotional level too & have come to understand how sensitive to energy I am. For many years I have believed in Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, multi-dimensions & more... lately I have begun to wonder what are angelic beings? Who are these beings really? Do I have connections with these more sophisticated energies?

What is being a healer for me? Why have I been drawn to it and why have I lately felt resistant towards it?

I am currently in a place of questioning all I have learned up to this point & looking for my truth about what feels right for me & what does not…

With unconditional love and gratitude,

A Resistant Healer

Dear Resistant Healer,

Thank you for being the first seeker for this new Akashic Advice column and for offering such a beautiful inquiry! I hope the following is useful for you.



Q: What are angelic beings? Who are these beings really?

A:  These energies you’ve experienced ate not separate from you or outside of you. They are expressions of the same Source that you are. They carry messages, healing, and vibratory information that is accessible to all who are willing to receive it because you are it. Nothing is outside of God except that which belief makes it so, and thus nothing is outside of you except belief makes it so.

Question interjected by April: Okay, I get the One Source thing, but what about individuation? We do exist as unique expressions; so I think what Resistant Healer is asking relates to messengers who show up in different ways. I.e., How Mary Magdalene is distinct from Archangel Michael.

A: They are different notes of the same song, different colors in the same spectrum. They are NOT separate.

Q: Do I have connections with these more sophisticated energies?

A: It can be helpful to conceive of Guides, Angels, etc. as being above, separate, outside - however one conceives it - but eventually it’s no longer necessary and the gift of realization that all is Source and therefore available to you becomes very powerful.

{Interlude. I was instructed at this point to relay something I experienced along these lines so here I go. This is all me speaking as April and not from within the Records. Last year I did a self-guided Mary Magdalene pilgrimage in the South of France, visiting different sites that I’d researched as being significant to the Magdalene. Many of the sites were Catholic churches and I felt called to light a candle at each. With each candle I offered a prayer of release to Mary Magdalene. Things like the belief that I had more trauma and wounding than could ever be healed. I don’t know how I knew to do this, but as I did I knew that it was working. That as each candle burned my prayers were being answered. I could feel it. About halfway through my pilgrimage I was in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, where it’s believed that Mary Magdalene first came ashore to Europe when fleeing the Romans after the crucifixion. I don’t remember what I prayed for there but while I meditated on the candle flame I saw Mary Magdalene before me, and then I experienced her within me which came with the knowledge that she was always within me, a part of me. That there wasn’t anyone ‘out there’ answering those prayers. The transformation was in my surrender to the Light I already held. }

Now back to the Records to continue the response to the last question:

It might be helpful as a stepping stone to conceive of these energies as envoys from your True Self.

Q: What is being a healer for me? Why have I felt drawn to it and why have I lately felt resistant towards it?

A: Being a healer is both your vocation and your invocation. You feel called to help support others in the ways you require help and support. The resistance you speak of is the ego’s fear of the changes that transpire when healing and growth occur. In a way, one’s personality can cling to wounding because it is familiar and known.

Question interjected by April: Okay, so what can be done to support the ego’s release?

A: Establishing safety, love for the child within. Your True Self loves every aspect of your being- even that which clings to their wounding in fear. Understand this and it will begin to unwind. Know that you are loved. Rest in the vibration of love. Sound healing will support you in this. You are loved. You are loved. You are love.


If you'd like to submit an inquiry to the Akashic Advice column, just email me: april <at>

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