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The Metaphysics of Trauma

As a trauma survivor and spiritual seeker, I’ve been keenly interested in exploring how these two aspects of my experience intersect. How does trauma research relate to spiritual teachings, and vice versa? Does being a trauma survivor affect how I approach my spiritual path? How can I believe in a benevolent universe when it hurts so goddamn much just to be alive? The Metaphysics of Trauma is a synthesis of everything I’ve learned about trauma and consciousness, all put together in a nifty, easy-to-follow presentation.

Metaphysics is the study and exploration of why the world is the way that it is. It’s the search for understanding the fundamental nature of reality. What is real, how do we know it’s real, and what’s the point, anyway? My working definition of trauma is when an event is too difficult for the nervous system to process, and so it gets broken into more digestible pieces. The Metaphysics of Trauma is my exploration of the relationship between non-dual consciousness and the fragmented nature of traumatized experience, and how trauma recovery is actually a spiritual process. I also throw in some critiques of common spiritual teachings that don’t support what we know about trauma recovery. Like that old chestnut about everything happening for a reason, which just needs to go already.


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