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What's up with all the rainbows?

Rainbows are said to represent God’s promise. In the original story it’s the Judeo-Christian god’s promise to Noah that he won’t wipe out humanity again in another flood (which tbh it’s looking like that promise may not hold up very well given the current rate of climate change and polar ice caps melting) BUT- since god is not some punitive deity up in the clouds and is actually Source working as us and through us- then what kind of promise are we really talking about here? I like to think of the story of Noah as a parable about taking a leap of faith. It’s about what happens when we get The Call and despite the world telling us we’re crazy we listen anyway and build an ark (my ark looks like opening a super woo healing practice. Yours might be to go study art in Paris. We all have our own arks). Then things get stormy and maybe even a little hopeless. And then, finally- when all seems lost, BOOM rainbow magic miracles to demonstrate that the universe really does have our back. That it’s all going to be okay and we were never alone. And that my friends is why 🌈 are the best.

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