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Earth school can be hard.

I'm here to help.

About Me

Spiritual Guidance Counselor


When I first sat down to write this section I did it linearly, beginning with my early childhood and then going from there, and it was such a bummer! You see, I had an extremely difficult and traumatic childhood which led to a predictable assortment of post-traumatic challenges as an adult, and writing about it in a begin-at-the-beginning way had the effect of reidentifying me with those experiences. And I am SO much more than all the traumatic shit that happened to me; just like you’re so much more than all of your traumatic shit.


I am a goddamn powerhouse of creative energy (and so are you). I am the Big Bang still in action, the universe expanding as and through me (the same is true for you). I’m a unique, once-in-eternity expression of All That Is (guess what, you are too). I’m built to receive divine light and reflect it through the prism of my being (you know where this is going– you're built for that too. Everyone is). 


So I’ll spare you the painful details of my past. Not because it’s a shameful secret but because it’s no longer relevant. What is relevant is that I know it’s possible to recover from feeling completely and utterly broken. I know what it’s like to move from being shattered, desperate, and alone into a foundational sense of well-being and love. Along the way, I’ve discovered and developed some skills to help others with their recovery. And while I’m far from perfect and still have moments of anxiety and pain, they’re just that– moments, rather than how I operate. 


I don’t believe it’s incumbent on anyone to make meaning of their trauma. It’s enough just to survive it and regain some sense of wholeness (because that’s what trauma does; it fragments our sense of self). That said, I know that the primary gift of my journey, above and beyond any intuitive ability or mysticism, is to serve as an example of what’s possible when someone decides to heal. Even if we never meet or work together, my deepest desire is for you to know that you aren’t broken, that there’s nothing wrong with you, and that however dark and hopeless it seems, there is light in the midst of all of that. Because the Light is who you are.  

Let's Do This

Release Trauma. Transform Old Patterns.


My Work

Or, What's Up with All the Rainbows?

If you get to know me for very long you’ll learn that I’m more than a little obsessed with rainbows. I have rainbow socks, rainbow shirts, diffraction paper on my windows, a prism hanging from my car’s rearview, rainbow stickers everywhere, Rainbow Connection is one of my favorite songs, and of course, you’ve seen this website. When I see a rainbow in the sky my entire being lights up like I’ve received a love note directly from god. Which begs the question, why? What’s up with rainbows? Well, aside from being beautiful and symbolizing LGBTQI+ pride (which are reasons enough to love them), rainbows illustrate the singular spiritual truth from which all the great teachings emanate: It’s all One. God is everything. 


Imagine a beam of light as pure consciousness, or god itself. When light encounters a prism it becomes possible to see aspects or colors that were always present, but previously not manifest. These attributes of light are simultaneously distinct while existing on a spectrum, which means they’re connected; red is different than blue and while it’s possible to view them as different, we can also discern their relationship when we see the whole rainbow. You probably see where I’m going with this, but to really be clear about it: the manifest universe and everyone and everything within it (and beyond) are all expressions of a singular source; and you, me, and everything everywhere are simultaneously distinct and connected, like the colors of the rainbow. 


I don’t believe we incarnate into the material plane (Earth School) so that we can learn our lessons and eventually escape. That’s fucking bleak. The idea that Earth is a lesser place and that all the good stuff is waiting for us after we die and/or become Enlightened needs to be retired. I believe the purpose of Earth School is to have an embodied, lived experience of divinity here and now. That heaven really is a place on earth (thank you, Belinda Carlisle). That Samsara is Nirvana. To know ourselves and everything we encounter as that beam of light without losing appreciation for all the colors. That’s what my work and my life are devoted to. 

How I Can Help

Or, What it is I actually DO

So rainbows are cool and heaven is a place on earth, but at this point, you’re probably wondering what it is I actually do. Well, in addition to offering classes in metaphysics (think of the above rainbow spiel as a sample lesson), I work one-on-one with clients in three general ways: energy work, journey work, and intuitive guidance. In practice, these modalities aren’t entirely distinct, and I’ll often mix and match according to what arises in the moment, but I realize descriptions and distinctions are useful so here we go:


Energy Work: A simple way of seeing that everything is One is to conceptualize that it’s all energy, and the differences we experience are accounted for by energy’s capacity to vibrate at varying frequencies (not unlike the visible light spectrum!). On one end of the energetic spectrum is love and at the other is fear (this is an oversimplification because love is actually absolute and present throughout the entirety, but I’m trying to be succinct). Energy work utilizes energy at a high vibration (love) to bring areas that are dense (more fear-laden) into closer resonance with Truth (again, love). I’m trained as a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage and most folks have heard of Reiki so it’s an easy short-hand to say that I do Reiki. I’m also trained in other lineages, however, and bring all of that wisdom into each session. 


Journey Work: There is an aspect of reality that’s distinct from our regular waking life - an ocean of being that can be accessed in a number of ways and to varying degrees of depth. Dreaming, meditation, being in a flow state, breathwork, and plant medicine are among the ways this space is accessible. I’m a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and utilize that training to facilitate spiritual journeys. If you’re trying to lose weight or quit smoking I’m probably not your person. If you’re longing to contact hidden aspects of yourself and connect with your own deep wisdom, I can probably support you in that.


Intuitive Guidance: It’s funny that this is the area where my alternative ‘woo-woo’ journey began when I taught myself to read tarot cards as a teenager and yet remains the part I’m most reluctant to identify with. It’s because there isn’t anything paranormal or supernatural about what I do. Everyone has the capacity to perceive more than we’re traditionally taught. It’s not unlike playing the piano; anyone can learn to do it. So, while may I have a knack for seeing, feeling, and knowing things beyond what’s typical I’ve also trained and practiced for several years. This is all to say that I take a practical, down-to-earth approach to psychic readings. I’ll always defer to what my client knows to be true, I’m reluctant to make predictions because the future is just an infinite range of potential, and my favorite readings support my client’s self-awareness and own sense of intuition.

I don’t consider myself a coach because my work is much more process-oriented than results-oriented. There’s nothing wrong with wanting results (especially when the desired result is to feel better and suffer less!) and many of my clients report tangible day-to-day life improvements from our work together. My focus is simply more on teaching how to do inner work than on the gifts that come from doing the work.

Image by Aldebaran S

"You don't earn your divinity. It is your birthright."

Paul Selig, Beyond the Known: Realization

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Rave Reviews

Happy Clients

Working with April has been a transformational experience within a safe, comfortable container. Even over the phone, I can feel her fiercely genuine presence with me every step of the way. The perspective she offers during a session aids in immediate shifts, and the insight gained continues to unfold weeks and months later.

Maureen I.

April is a very comforting facilitator and the journey is deep, lucid, and transformative. I felt immediately and psychically refreshed from the possibilities I gained and discovered.

David R.

I have experienced hypnosis and guided meditation a few times for various reasons in the past. However, the session I underwent with April was by far the most powerful. Words came from me quickly and clearly and I even cried and finished the session with a real sense of love and joy in my heart. I am pleasantly surprised by the results and I am eager to do some more work with April in the future. I highly recommend her for her expertise, gentle demeanor and genuine desire to help you.

Babette G.

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