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Spiritual Guidance Counselor


We all incarnate for a reason- with lessons to learn and purpose to fulfill. It can be difficult to find meaning in life when we’re suffering, though. Since 2016 I’ve supported my clients and students in transforming their lives: getting to the root cause of pain, releasing trauma, and realizing their innate divine brilliance and radiance. 


I believe that there is nothing wrong with you. That whatever isn’t working in your life can be shifted. That you  are worthy of love right now, as you are- without changing or fixing a damn thing. I’m quite empathic, I can usually tune into your guides and angels, and I have a gift for feeling into when a problem originated. I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, can access the Akashic Records, a certified Aura-Soma practitioner, and know a lot about trauma. 


Probably the most important thing I’d like you to know about me is that all of my work is informed by the fundamental belief that we are divine beings. I’m committed to realizing that truth for myself and using my skills and gifts to help you with the same. It’s time to remember who we are.

Imagine Freedom From Fear

Release Trauma. Transform Old Patterns.

Spiritual Guidance

Coaching & Supported Transformation

NEW! One-on-One Coaching for lasting spiritual development. Whether you're just starting out on your path and have nothing but questions, if you've had a big awakening and need some help integrating it, if you've had a spiritual practice for quite some time but feel inexplicably stuck lately, if you've come up against something BIG on your path and want support, or even if you're not totally sure about this whole spirituality thing to begin with and you just want MORE from life. 

While it's true that we each, ultimately, have everything we need- it sure can be nice to have a little help sometimes! In fact, I believe that one of the great spiritual lessons is in learning when to ask for help (especially so for those of us from cultures that fetishize independence). So, if you're in a place of desiring assistance along your spiritual path I'd like to first congratulate you for recognizing that! Also, I may be able to help.

Journey Into the Mystery

The Art of the Spiritual Journey

There is what I like to think of as an ocean of being that we all have access to because we are part of it and it is part of us (C.G.Jung described it as the collective unconscious). As all oceans go, there are degrees of depth: from the pleasant shallows available when we practice mindfulness to the fathoms that can be plunged with plant medicines; the strange and surreal world of dreams, and the fantastical world of imagination. They're all different neighborhoods in the same town, to mix metaphors. 

Not only are these places accessible, but what we do within them informs the surface (more commonly known as the 'real world'). A shift in consciousness is a shift in consciousness, wherever it happens. And because the ocean of being isn’t constrained by space, time, or logic, anything becomes possible. You can learn the language of trees, meet animal or other spirit guides, commune with those who’ve passed or who are yet to be born. It’s a world rich with symbol and metaphor, and integration following the journey is paramount.  

Instead of journeying on your behalf, I work by guiding you into the Mystery. My approach is to be as hands-off as possible, allowing the journey to unfold organically. I’ll only step in to redirect when necessary, because we’re approaching overwhelm or entering unsavory neighborhoods like self blame or victimhood. Following the journey we spend time discussing the experience and grounding, which is the beginning of the integration process that will continue to unfold for days or more.​

Journey work forms the core of my coaching services, and I am also available to guide group journeys for couples and teams. I’ve found that the power of journeying is amplified where two or more gathered, and I’m thrilled to be stepping into serving in that capacity. If you’d like to learn more about the journey process for your partner or team I’d love to answer your questions! Schedule a free 30min info session here. 

I have very limited availability to do single journeys for individuals and consider requests on a case by case basis. If you're interested in doing solo journey work, please contact me for more info.

"When anyone follows their truth they give permission for others to do the same."

Paul Selig, Book of Truth

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Rave Reviews

Happy Clients

Working with April has been a transformational experience within a safe, comfortable container. Even over the phone, I can feel her fiercely genuine presence with me every step of the way. The perspective she offers during a session aids in immediate shifts, and the insight gained continues to unfold weeks and months later.

Maureen I.

April is a very comforting facilitator and the journey is deep, lucid, and transformative. I felt immediately and psychically refreshed from the possibilities I gained and discovered.

David R.

I have experienced hypnosis and guided meditation a few times for various reasons in the past. However, the session I underwent with April was by far the most powerful. Words came from me quickly and clearly and I even cried and finished the session with a real sense of love and joy in my heart. I am pleasantly surprised by the results and I am eager to do some more work with April in the future. I highly recommend her for her expertise, gentle demeanor and genuine desire to help you.

Babette G.